Make Music A Full Body Experience With A “Vibro-Tactile” Suit

Not Impossible Labs, a California – based company, made a presentation of its “Music: Not Impossible (M:NI) ” applied Vibrotextile technology that translates sound onto the skin through vibration, allowing users to feel the nuances of a music-listening experience. Initially inspered by deaf music fans, M:NI’s use during a concert produces a dramatic effect for all participants, regardless of their hearing, delivering a shared ‘ surround body’ experience.
A mind-bending new suit straps onto your torso, ankles and wrists, then uses actuators to translate audio into vivid vibration. The result: a new way for everyone to experience music, according to its creators. That’s especially exciting for people who have trouble hearing.
The suit can create sensations to go with pre – recorded music, or a ” Vibrotactile Dj” can adjust the sensations in real time during a live music event.”

Bill board writer Andy Hermann tried the suit out, and it sounds like a trip.
“Sure enough, a pulse timed to a kickdrum throbs into my ankles and up through my legs,” he wrote. ” Gradually, [the Dj] brings in other elements; the tap of a woodblock in my wrists, a bass line massaging my lower back a harp tickling a melody across my chest.”

To show the suit off, Not Imposible and Avnet organized a performance this past weekend by the band Greta Van Fleet at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. The company allowed attendees to don the suits. Mandy Harvey, a deaf musician who stole the show on America’s Got Talent last year, talked about what the performance meant to her in a Video Avnet posted to facebook.
“It was an unbelievable experience to have an entire audience group who are all experiencing the same thing at the same time,” she said. ” For being a deaf person, showing up at a concert, that never happens. You’re always excluded.” |



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