Battlefields Of Identity : Cinematic Explorations Of Gender And Power

“Future Fatigue” is a series by photographer Bryn DC that represents the conflict and violence perpetuated by hyper-masculinity and gender inequality. Working alongside feminist artists, writers, and filmmakers, Bryn arranged apocalyptic scenes where the models—dressed up as gang members and renegades—posed in bright, bold defiance to conventional notions of femininity and the male gaze. Makeup and costumes are brilliantly synthesized in dramatic, story-filled images that symbolize Bryn’s anxieties about a world where power imbalances have spiralled out of control.

Bryn DC, Future Fatigue - Essy 2Bryn DC, Future Fatigue - AliceBryn DC, Future Fatigue - Alice 2Bryn DC, Future Fatigue - GlitterkillBryn DC, Future Fatigue - IzzyBryn DC, Future Fatigue - Izzy 2Bryn DC, Future Fatigue - PhoebeBryn DC, Future Fatigue - Phoebe 2Bryn DC, Future Fatigue - ShoniBryn DC, Future Fatigue - Shoni 2

All images © Bryn DC

Via Beautiful/Decay | VIA ILLUSION SCENE 360

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