These Halloween Transformation Is Terrifying with “It Clown”

Every year at Halloween, There is some facet of pop culture that is seemingly everywhere and at every party. Last year, the focus was on the candidates in the US election. This year, the trend is still spooky, albeit more classicallly scary, Pennywise the clown form the It remake. The mysterious eveil being is sure to make you quiver with fear and that’s even before you see what some creative folks have envisioned.

Talented body painting artists are inspired by the dramatic, gruesome appearance of Stephen King’s character and have transformed themselves into faithful recreations of it. Depending on their skill and aristic vision, the complexity of their makeup application varies. Some have opted to paint their face white and add simple curved red lines that emanate from their mouths. Others imagine their Penywise costume complete with splatters of blood, jagged yellowed teeth, and specially – colored contact lenses. Either way, the effect is imperssively scary.

With Halloween nearly a month away, there is plenty of time to watch the movie and work on your own Pennywise clown makeup. But first, get inspired with the impressively terrifying looks below.

Halloween is fast approaching, and one of the scariest movies of the year is inspiring thrilling—and terrifying—transformations.

Pennywise the Clown Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @mykie_

Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @sammymua00

For 2017, clown makeup (á la Pennywise from It) is a popular choice for those who love body painting.

Pennywise Clown Makeup

Photo: @klmsfx

If you’re thinking of scary Halloween makeup, look to these impressive costumes as inspiration!

Pennywise Clown Makeup

Photo: @_niu__

Pennywise the Clown Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @madeyewlook

Pennywise the Clown Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @zainaciara

Pennywise the Clown Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @megannemua

Scary Halloween Makeup

Photo: @chinthekid

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