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The Internet Is In Shock After This Guy’s Post Reveals How Much Facebook And Google Knows About You

Most of us likely have that nagging feeling that all the entertainment and convenience that we get online and take for granted must be paid for somehow. We know that companies like Facebook and Google collect our data, and it gets used to target us better for advertising. So what? I can just ignore the ads anyway, can’t I? I have nothing to hide!

But it goes deeper than that. Much deeper. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal may prove to be the catalyst, the event that finally wakes us up to the ways that we can be manipulated, duped and held to ransom for the sheer amount of data that is held about us. This scandal has opened the door for a wider discussion about data collection and its often nefarious uses, and it is leading many people to confront some uncomfortable truths.

Irish IT expert Dylan Curran started a Twitter thread recently, which has since gone viral, in which he exposed the extent of Facebook and Google’s Data archives on him. “The Facebook archive was 600mb, roughly 400,000 Word documents,” he wrote in New Statesman. “The Google archive was 5.5gb, roughly 3m Word documents.”

That is a shitload of data. Facebook’s dump includes all of your sent and received messages, login locations, and even non-Facebook-related text messages and phone call history. Facebook are the “drug addicts of data, squeezing every last drop from the needle before they move on to the next one,” Curran said.

Google appears to go even further. They keep track of everything, even searches and emails that you have deleted. In fact they almost certainly know more about you then you do yourself.

This data builds a complete picture of us, and can be used against us in countless ways. While you may think you have nothing to hide, do you really want somebody reading your messages and emails? Looking at your photos and videos? Knowing exactly where you were at specific times? Imagine one day you are running for office, or you have a jealous ex. Perhaps you know a little too much about shadowy government operations and they want to blackmail you. With this data, they can. And we have willingly offered up all this about ourselves, in exchange for the convenience and fun these services can provide.

Edward Snowden called it “an exquisite breakdown using real-life examples of how @Facebook and @Google exploited your trust to quietly create a decade-long dossier of your most private activities. With a bonus: how to download a copy of your own.”

So yes, these things that are ostensibly provided for ‘free’ are, of course, not free at all. We all knew this before, but now we know exactly the price that we are paying. Are they worth it? You be the judge.

Dylan Curran has become a sort of a whistleblower online, starting a Twitter thread that exposes Google and Facebook’s use of our data


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facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (2)


facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (4)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (5)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (6)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (7)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (8)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (9)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (10)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (11)







facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (18)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (19)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (20)












facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (32)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (33)

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (34)

Dylan was shocked that this is news to people

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (1)

And he’s planning to continue to spread the word

facebook-google-data-know-about-you-dylan-curran (36)

People had some legit questions

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (6)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (7)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (3)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (9)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (10)

Others seemed a bit shook

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (4)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (5)

facebook-google-data-know-you-dylan-curran (11)



Some just had a good laugh



h/t : boredpanda

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Internet Laughed At This Guy’s First Attempt At Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bust, So He Tries The Second Time

Last March, the unveiling of Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust at the Madeira airport went viral. Unfortunately for the sculptor of the piece, Emanuel Santos, it happened for all the wrong reasons, as the internet mercilessly mocked the statue for its lack of likeness to the football superstar. After the massive public ridicule, the sculptor, unsurprisingly, felt defeated. “This is hard to talk about,” says Emanuel while barely holding back tears, “It was too sudden” he reflects on the experience. However, this year he got challenged by B/R Football to redeem himself and create a new bust.

The original sculpture for the airport was actually Santos’ first bust, yet the artist took up the challenge. Having your first attempt at something so brutally shut down can certainly break someone, but Emanuel reassures that it only made him stronger. “I want my son to understand that if he enjoys doing something very much, [he] doesn’t let himself be defeated with negative criticism. Sooner or later, if we believe in ourselves and are persistent, we can succeed in life” the sculptor remarks. With this mindset, Santos set out to create another sculpture in hopes to redeem himself. Check out the result below and tell us if you think he succeeded!

More info: Twitter (h/t)

Last March, this Cristiano Ronaldo’s sculpture went viral

The internet mocked it for having little resemblance to the football superstar

And it’s no surprise that it quickly became a meme

The sculptor of the piece, Emanuel Santos, felt defeated after facing such harsh criticism…

As Ronaldo’s sculpture was his first attempt at creating a bust

However, this year, the artist decided to redeem himself and recreate the infamous sculpture

And here’s the result of his second attempt

Watch the video about Santos’ journey

People on the internet were quick to support Emanuel Santos

Do you think he did a great job? Tell us in the comments below!

h/t : boredpanda



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