Top rated 250 Indian movies must watch before die


Moveis Title Rating
1. Anand (1971)

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A melodramatic tale of a man with a terminal disease. The story begins with Dr Bhaksar winning a literary prize for his book about a patient called Anand. The rest is flashback. Anand, the title character, is suffering from lymphosarcoma of the intestine. He, however appears to be cheerful on the outside and is determined to extract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as is possible. Dr. Bhaskar his physician tends to Anand in his last days. After Anand dies we can however still hear his voice which was recorded on a tape. Dr Bhakser writes a book on his patient and wins a literary prize for it.

2. Drishyam (2013)

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Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is a cable TV network owner in a remote and hilly village in Kerala. He lives a happy life with his wife and 2 girls. The first half revolves around the depiction of their happy family. Anju (Ansiba), Georgekutty’s daughter goes to a school trip in between the proceedings. After a few days a guy who had been at the school trip with her meets Anju. He blackmails her with a video of her that he had captured during the school trip. In the course of events he is accidentally killed by Rani (Meena) and Anju. Georgekutty on returning home is appraised of the events and thus begins a cat and mouse game as the murdered person is the son of IG Geeta Prabhakar (Asha Sharath) and Prabhakar (Siddique). How the family weathers the storm that ensues during the murder investigation forms the rest of the story leading to a deeply satisfying and unexpected climax.

3. Nayakan (1987)

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A small boy (Ratnavelu) from Tamilnadu sees his father, a labor leader, killed in cold blood by a policeman. He kills the policeman and runs away to the city of Bombay. From there, the story traces his ascent to become a mafia chief (Velu Naicker).Written by Sathyanarayanan Narayanaswamy

4. Anbe Sivam (2003)

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Nallasivam (Kamal Haasan) and Anbarasu (Madhavan) are drawn together by the strings of fate after they come into contact at the Bhuvaneshwar airport. Anbarasu is an advertisement director, while Nallasivam is a trade unionist. Fate entwines their travel plans, and they end up travelling to Chennai together. In the course of their journey, Anbarasu, born with a golden spoon, is touched by the realities of the sufferings of a normal human being when he witnesses the dead and the injured during a train accident, and he volunteers to donate his blood, which is of a very rare group, despite his fear of blood. The flashback of Nallasivam is recounted during one of their journeys. Nallasivam is a communist trade unionist, who fights for higher wages for his comrades. By chance, he falls in love with the daughter Bala (Kiran) of a rich industrialist, Bala’s father, Padaiyacchi (Nasser). Due to the opposition, they plan to elope and get married, but unfortunately, Nallasivam meets with an …Written by Niranjan Venkatraman

5. Gol Maal (1979)

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Ramprasad is a recent college graduate who finds a job with a finicky man, Bhavani Shankar, who believes that a man without a mustache is a man without a character. Bhavani Shankar is also against any of his employees indulging in recreation of any kind. When Ramprasad is caught by his boss at a hockey match, he has to invent a twin brother, the clean-shaven Laxman Prasad, to save his job. When Bhavani’s daughter falls in love with the clean-shaven Laxman Prasad, and insists on marrying him, and Bhavani insists she should marry Ramprasad, things take a whacky turn. A fake mother and a hilarious chase are other enjoyable features involved in this comedy. Written by Vijay

6. Vikram Vedha (2017)

A badass cop Vikram leads a special task force formed to eliminate a kickass Vedha’s gang running amok on the streets of Chennai, making a mockery of Law and Order. An encounter planned by a Vikram’s friend Simon, kills Vedha’s trusted aides and brings him out of hiding. Vedha lays his clutch on Vikram and engages in a disturbing mind game of sorts which results in a quest to reveal the truth behind that fateful encounter.. Written by PipingHot

7. Black Friday (2004)

A dramatic presentation of the bomb blasts that rocked Bombay on March 12, 1993, displays the police investigation, amidst allegations of human rights violations, led by DCP Rakesh Maria, in tracking down the suspects, especially Bashir Khan. Bashir managed to elude authorities by re-locating to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and West Bengal, after finally being apprehended in Bombay. His confession and subsequent flashbacks showcases the apathy shown by authorities who refused to intervene during the destruction of the sacred Babri Masjid by Hindu Kar Sevaks, and the inability of the police to fulfill their mandate and protect the vulnerable, forcing many to flee to other locations. The subsequent aftermath that succeeded in irreversibly polarizing communities in Bombay; Pakistan’s involvement in training and arms’ supplies; the main alleged suspects, Dawood Ibrahim, and Mushtaq Memon, sought refuge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while Indian politicians made a cosmetic move to …Written by rAjOo

8. Manichithrathazhu (1993)

Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Sunny Joseph lives in America. He decides to travel to a town in India after he gets a distress call from his friend, who belongs to a very noble and wealthy family, to counsel and treat a female family member, who he suspects is responsible for a variety of incidents. Sunny accepts this assignment not realizing that there is another side to this tale, namely a vengeful spirit, who may not respond to his methods, and he may end up endangering everyone’s lives. Written by rAjOo

9. Dangal (2016)

Biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who taught wrestling to his daughters Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat. Geeta Phogat was India’s first female wrestler to win at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where she won the gold medal (55 kg) while her sister Babita Kumari won the silver (51 kg). Written by Dibyayan_Chakravorty

10. Taare Zameen Par (2007)

Ishaan Awasthi is an eight-year-old child whose world is filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate; colours, fish, dogs and kites are just not important in the world of adults, who are much more interested in things like homework, marks and neatness. And Ishaan just cannot seem to get anything right in class. When he gets into far more trouble than his parents can handle, he is packed off to a boarding school to ‘be disciplined’. Things are no different at his new school, and Ishaan has to contend with the added trauma of separation from his family. One day a new art teacher bursts onto the scene, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, who infects the students with joy and optimism. He breaks all the rules of ‘how things are done’ by asking them to think, dream and imagine, and all the children respond with enthusiasm, all except Ishaan. Nikumbh soon realizes that Ishaan is very unhappy, and he sets out to discover why. With time, patience and care, he ultimately helps Ishaan find ..

11. Pather Panchali (1955)

The story of a young boy, Apu, and life in his small Indian village. His parents are quite poor – his father Harihar, a writer and poet, gave away the family’s fruit orchard to settle his brother’s debts. His sister Durga and an old aunt also still lives with them. His mother Sarbojaya bears the brunt of the family’s situation. She scrapes by and sells her personal possessions to put food on the table and has to bear the taunts of her neighbors as Durga is always stealing fruit from their orchard. Things get worse when Harihar disappears for five months and Durga falls ill. Even after Harihar returns, the family is left with few alternatives. Written by garykmcd

12. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) and Sudhir (Ravi Baswani) are two professional photographers trying to start a photo studio. The first real assignment that they get, from the activist magazine Khabardar (literally meaning beware), draws them into the shady world of Bombay real estate. They discover that one of the biggest builders in Bombay, Tarneja, is trying to bribe Municipal Commissioner D’Mello (Satish Shah) into giving him a bridge contract. Meanwhile D’Mello is negotiating with Tarneja’s arch rival Ahuja (Om Puri). The contract is finally awarded to a third person. By chance Vinod and Sudhir find out that Tarneja has murdered D’Mello.

13. 3 Idiots (2009)

Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi want to re-unite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke aboard an Air India plane, and excusing himself from his wife – trouser less – respectively. Enroute, they encounter another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a successful businessman, who reminds them of a bet they had undertaken 10 years ago. The trio, while recollecting hilarious antics, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi’s Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, race to locate Rancho, at his last known address – little knowing the secret that was kept from them all this time.

14. Aruvi (2016)

A gentle girl born and brought up amidst the ever growing eco-social-consumeristic environment finds it difficult to fit in the society. She decides to take it hard on the people. What she does is the rest of the story.

15. Thalapathi (1991)

Surya (Rajnikanth) is an orphan raised in a slum. He finds a friend in the local Godfather (Mamooty). They rule the town and forms a parallel government. Things are well until new district collect(Aravind Swami), step -brother of Surya takes charge. Surya finds his mom (Sreevidya) and decides to surrender.

16. Chupke Chupke (1975)

Raghav brags that he can smell a rat or an impersonator automatically, and Dr. Parimal Tripathi decides to take him on – result: funny family slapstick comedy, with a dose of pure Hindi and Urdu thrown in, especially the dialogue delivery by Om Prakash, Dharmendra, and Amitabh Bachchan. Notable songs are :Sare ga ma, ma sa re ga ma….”; “Ab ke sajan sawan me, aag lagegi badan mein, ghata barshegi, magar tarsegi nazar, mil na sakenghe do mahn ek hi aagan mein…”; “Chupke chupke chal di purvaiya, basuri bajaike raas rachaye daiya re daiya, chupke…”

17. Guide (1965)

After being released from prison for Forgery and Theft, multi-linguist Raju (Dev Anand) reflects on his life as a Guide; his meeting with the daughter of a prostitute, Rosie (Waheeda Rehman), who was unhappily married to Marco (Kishore Sahu) and wants to take up acting and dancing as a career. Rosie separates and moves in with Raju and his mother (Leela Chitnis). They both re-locate and with Raju’s encouragement, she succeeds in an acting and dancing career resulting in both becoming very wealthy. He then succumbs to gambling and alcohol and forges Rosie’s signature. He is arrested, tried in court, found guilty and imprisoned. Now discharged from prison, he changes his mind about returning home to his mother and decides to go elsewhere and start afresh – a decision that will alter his life and way of thinking forever.


18. Thani Oruvan (2015)

Thoroughly frustrated with Industrialists and Politicians ruining the nation by denying the availability of cheap medicines, IPS officer Mithran is on a self-conceived quest to find the head of this medicine-mafia to channel all his anger towards him. But the ultimate villain, Siddharth Abhimanyu, who is also a decorated Scientist proves to be a ruthless and indomitable adversary.

19. Khosla Ka Ghosla! (2006)

K.K. Khosla (Anupam Kher) is a middle class man living in New Delhi. He is a simple man with simple tastes. The plot starts with a scene where Khosla dreams about his death. The irony is that nobody cares about his death; instead his children & neighbours are more interested in their materialistic needs. One early morning in Delhi, Khosla wakes up and plans to go to the site where he has purchased a plot to build his house. He is accompanied by his wife, eldest son Bunty (Ranvir Shorey), second son Chironji Lal Khosla (Parvin Dabas), and his daughter. When they reach the spot they find that the site has been occupied by someone else and on further investigation find that it has been captured by a property usurping nexus headed by a man named Kishan Khurana (Boman Irani). Khurana demands Rs. 15 lakhs to vacate the plot, which Khosla refuses to give. Bunty gathers few local strongmen and forcefully destroys the walls and re-occupies the plot. But Khurana has the police on his side and …

20. A Peck on the Cheek (2002)

Dhileepan and Shyama are Tamil-speaking residents of Mankulam, Sri Lanka, who get married with the blessings of their respective families. After the marriage, Shyama confides that she would like to be a mother of eight children, but she is stunned when her husband tells her that he cannot father any children until there is peace between the mainstream and the Tamils in this country. Nevertheless, they do get intimate, which results in Shyama getting pregnant. Dhileepan goes into hiding because of his connections with the Tamil Tigers, while Shyama returns to her father’s house. A storm threatens their village, and they are forced to flee to a Refugee Camp in Rameswaram, India. Alone, without any support, Shyama gives birth to a girl, leaves her, and returns to Sri Lanka to be with her husband. The child gets noticed by noted Tamil author Thiruchelvan, who lives with his sister, her husband, and their son and writes books under the pen-name of Indra, who is actually an attractive TV …

21. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2016)

Deepak is an retired police officer. He meets an young man who is interested in joining IPS. The young guy asks about the case of a mystry killer in which deepak lost his leg and his career. Thus he explains about the unsolved mystry case. But in the end the case is solved by the young man, and deepak meets his ultimate end.

22. The World of Apu (1959)

Apu is a jobless former student dreaming vaguely of a future as a writer. An old college friend talks him into a visit up-country to a village wedding. This changes his life, for when the bridegroom turns out to be mad, Apu’s friend asks him to become the husband. After initial revulsion at the idea, Apu agrees. Apu takes his exquisite bride, Aparna, back to Calcutta. But Aparna dies while giving birth, Apu leaves Calcutta, crazy with grief, and his son Kajal is left abandoned with his wife’s parents. Only after a long period of total indifference to worldly responsibilities, does Apu become capable of returning to the world.

23. Talvar (2015)

The story revolves around the mysterious murder cases of a 14-year girl, Shruti and the domestic help, Khempal who worked at her place. The film is based on the real life Noida Double Murder Case of 2008, where the parents were said to be the prime suspects of the murders. The film showcases three perspectives to the case which emerge as the investigation moves forward.

24. Drishyam (2015)

Vijay Salgaonkar runs a cable TV network in a remote and hilly village of Goa. He lives a happy life with his wife Nandini and two daughters. A 4th grade dropout & an orphan, Vijay has worked his way towards success with his sheer hard-work & street smartness in order to provide for his family who mean the world to him. A man of few means & needs; Vijay believes life is to be lived simplistically – his wife, while she loves him devoutly, wants Vijay’s thrifty & miserly behavior to end and wants the world for her family. If there’s one thing that Vijay cannot live without, it is his passion for watching films. Such is his ‘filmy’ obsession that he doesn’t mind staying up all night at his office binging on TV movies! In a bizarre turn of events; a teenage boy goes missing; he is the son of a headstrong & no-nonsense cop; IG Meera Deshmukh and the Salgaonkar family is the prime suspect! Will a humble & middle class man, be able to protect his family from oppression of the powerful?

25. Soodhu Kavvum (2013)

Pagalavan, Kesavan and Sekar are three friends, who lose their jobs in Chennai due to certain circumstances. Then they come across Das (Vijay Sethupathy), who runs a smart kidnap for ransom scam. Naturally his crime flourishes, and the three friends team up with him. Their path crosses with that of Arumai Prakasam, son of the state finance minister. Denied capital by his very strict father to start his business Arumai Prakasam stages his own kidnap, but ends up in the hands of Das and co. The comedy of errors takes a turn when the finance minister wants to catch the culprits, and gives the task to a very strict, encounter specialist cop, Brahmma. How Das and co try to stay ahead of the cop and how he nabs them, and what happens forms the rest of the story.

26. Rang De Basanti (2006) 8.2
27. Shahid (2012) 8.2
28. Black (2005) 8.2
29. Paan Singh Tomar (2012) 8.2
30. Mughal-E-Azam (1960) 8.2
31. Queen (2013) 8.2
32. Jigarthanda (2014) 8.2
33. Swades (2004) 8.2
34. Hera Pheri (2000) 8.1
35. OMG: Oh My God! (2012) 8.1
36. Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) 8.1
37. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992) 8.1
38. Aparajito (1956) 8.1
39. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) 8.1
40. Satya (1998) 8.1
41. Sholay (1975) 8.1
42. A Wednesday (2008) 8.1
43. Premam (2015) 8.1
44. Chak de! India (2007) 8.1
45. Ustad Hotel (2012) 8.1
46. Bangalore Days (2014) 8.1
47. Everyone Has Their Own Style (1994) 8.1
48. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003) 8.1
49. Udaan (2010) 8.1
50. Sairat (2016) 8.1
51. Dil Chahta Hai (2001) 8.1
52. Roja (1992) 8.1
53. Kahaani (2012) 8.1
54. Fervour (1999) 8.1
55. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001) 8.1
56. Pink (2016) 8.1
57. PK (2014) 8.1
58. Iqbal (2005) 8.1
59. Anniyan (2005) 8.1
60. Maqbool (2003) 8.1
61. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) 8.1
62. Arjun Reddy (2017) 8.1
63. Omkara (2006) 8.1
64. Bommarillu (2006) 8.1
65. Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006) 8.0
66. Baasha (1995) 8.0
67. Barfi! (2012) 8.0
68. The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) 8.0
69. Masaan (2015) 8.0
70. Ugly (2013) 8.0
71. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) 8.0
72. Bombay (1995) 8.0
73. Gulaal (2009) 8.0
74. The Wall (1975) 8.0
75. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) 8.0
76. Athadu (2005) 8.0
77. Mother India (1957) 8.0
78. Haider (2014) 8.0
79. Lucia (2013) 8.0
80. Dev.D (2009) 8.0
81. Special 26 (2013) 8.0
82. Indian (1996) 8.0
83. Company (2002) 7.9
84. Vaastav: The Reality (1999) 7.9
85. Ship of Theseus (2012) 7.9
86. Manjhi: The Mountain Man (2015) 7.9
87. Jab We Met (2007) 7.9
88. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) 7.9
89. Ankhon Dekhi (2013) 7.9
90. Padman (2018) 7.9
91. Secret Superstar (2017) 7.9
92. As Seen by the Rest (2014) 7.9
93. Airlift (2016) 7.9
94. Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003) 7.9
95. Hey Ram (2000) 7.9
96. Baby (2015) 7.9
97. My Name Is Khan (2010) 7.8
98. Vaaranam Aayiram (2008) 7.8
99. Sanju (2018) 7.8
100. Lakshya (2004) 7.8
101. Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006) 7.8
102. Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) 7.8
103. Ab Tak Chhappan (2004) 7.8
104. Rangasthalam (2018) 7.8
105. Border (1997) 7.8
106. Manam (2014) 7.8
107. Gangaajal (2003) 7.8
108. Johnny Gaddaar (2007) 7.8
109. English Vinglish (2012) 7.8
110. Okkadu (2003) 7.8
111. Rock On!! (2008) 7.8
112. Don (1978) 7.8
113. Dasvidaniya (2008) 7.8
114. Mr. India (1987) 7.8
115. Hindi Medium (2017) 7.8
116. The Lunchbox (2013) 7.8
117. Nayak: The Real Hero (2001) 7.7
118. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008) 7.7
119. Flying Punjab (2016) 7.7
120. Vicky Donor (2012) 7.7
121. Raazi (2018) 7.7
122. Samsara (2001) 7.7
123. Guru (2007) 7.7
124. Pokiri (2006) 7.7
125. RangiTaranga (2015) 7.7
126. Veer-Zaara (2004) 7.7
127. Kapoor & Sons (2016) 7.7
128. Aamir (2008) 7.7
129. Earth (1998) 7.7
130. Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018) 7.7
131. Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) 7.7
132. Newton (2017) 7.7
133. Agneepath (1990) 7.7
134. Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) 7.7
135. Neerja (2016) 7.7
136. Eega (2012) 7.7
137. Madras Cafe (2013) 7.7
138. Authority (2005) 7.6
139. Bheja Fry (2007) 7.6
140. Darr (1993) 7.6
141. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994) 7.6
142. Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) 7.6
143. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) 7.6
144. Kai po che! (2013) 7.6
145. 24 (2016) 7.6
146. Rockstar (2011) 7.6
147. Highway (2014) 7.6
148. Magadheera (2009) 7.6
149. Saala Khadoos (2016) 7.6
150. Baazigar (1993) 7.6
151. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) 7.6
152. Wake Up Sid (2009) 7.6
153. Jodhaa Akbar (2008) 7.6
154. Piku (2015) 7.5
155. Dil Se.. (1998) 7.5
156. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015) 7.5
157. Aankhen (2002) 7.5
158. Delhi Belly (2011) 7.5
159. Devdas (2002) 7.5
160. Kaththi (2014) 7.5
161. From Doom Till Doom (1988) 7.5
162. Thuppakki (2012) 7.5
163. Raanjhanaa (2013) 7.5
164. 1 – Nenokkadine (2014) 7.5
165. Khakee (2004) 7.5
166. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009) 7.5
167. Trapped (2016) 7.5
168. The Ghazi Attack (2017) 7.5
169. Amar, Akbar and Anthony (1977) 7.5
170. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) 7.5
171. Hungama (2003) 7.5
172. Socha Na Tha (2005) 7.5
173. Ghilli (2004) 7.5
174. Hum Aapke Hain Koun…! (1994) 7.5
175. Colorful (1995) 7.5
176. Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) 7.5
177. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na (2008) 7.5
178. October (2018) 7.5
179. Madaari (2016) 7.5
180. Ghajini (2005) 7.5
181. Chillar Party (2011) 7.5
182. Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015) 7.4
183. Peepli (Live) (2010) 7.4
184. Jolly LLB (2013) 7.4
185. Baghban (2003) 7.4
186. Mankatha (2011) 7.4
187. Bharat Ane Nenu (2018) 7.4
188. Sivaji (2007) 7.4
189. Chachi 420 (1997) 7.4
190. Badlapur (2015) 7.4
191. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… (2001) 7.4
192. Guzaarish (2010) 7.4
193. Yuva (2004) 7.4
194. Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017) 7.4
195. Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (2010) 7.4
196. Dear Zindagi (2016) 7.4
197. Scoundrel (2009) 7.4
198. Raid (2018) 7.4
199. Life in a Metro (2007) 7.4
200. Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006) 7.4
201. Khiladi (1992) 7.4
202. Monsoon Wedding (2001) 7.4
203. Khaleja (2010) 7.3
204. Slave (1998) 7.3
205. Page 3 (2005) 7.3
206. Ishqiya (2010) 7.3
207. Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) 7.3
208. Lootera (2013) 7.3
209. Ghajini (2008) 7.3
210. Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016) 7.3
211. Srimanthudu (2015) 7.3
212. Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) 7.3
213. Parineeta (2005) 7.3
214. Holiday (2014) 7.3
215. Mardaani (2014) 7.3
216. Shaitan (2011) 7.3
217. Taxi No. 9211 (2006) 7.3
218. Dookudu (2011) 7.3
219. Ayan (2009) 7.2
220. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015) 7.2
221. Te3n (2016) 7.2
222. Shanghai (2012) 7.2
223. Namastey London (2007) 7.2
224. No One Killed Jessica (2011) 7.2
225. Band Baaja Baaraat (2010) 7.2
226. Tere Bin Laden (2010) 7.2
227. D-Day (2013) 7.2
228. Nannaku Prematho (2016) 7.2
229. Awarapan (2007) 7.2
230. Search (2012) 7.2
231. Toilet – Ek Prem Katha (2017) 7.2
232. Nanban (2012) 7.2
233. Paa (2009) 7.2
234. NH10 (2015) 7.2
235. Jolly LLB 2 (2017) 7.2
236. Dhamaal (2007) 7.2
237. Destroyed in Love (2006) 7.2
238. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001) 7.2
239. No Smoking (2007) 7.2
240. Don (2006) 7.2
241. Ittefaq (2017) 7.2
242. i (2015) 7.2
243. Mohra (1994) 7.2
244. Bajirao Mastani (2015) 7.2
245. Billa (2007) 7.1
246. Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007) 7.1
247. Gabbar is Back (2015) 7.1
248. Raajneeti (2010) 7.1
249. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018) 7.1
250. Yennai Arindhaal (2015) 7.1

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