Abstract Aerial Photos Highlight the Fragile Beauty of Earth’s Waterways

Water, Shapes, Earth projected by photographer Milan Radisics turns the meandering waterways all over the world into amazing visuals on the border between abstract and documentery.
Water makes up the majority of the Earth, Shaping the planet and its life in plenty of ways. When Seen from above, waterways can create stunning unseen images that tell stories of our home planet.
They won’t just grab your attention with their beauty, through new perspective also make you rethink about how important water is and how much we should all try to save it. The story revolves entirely around water and the ways it shapes our lives and our planet in 7 big chapter and 22 topics.
From the melting ice to the traces of disappeared water, in chapters we can see beauty, pleausre, coexistence, pollution, struggle, and dry planet on the end. All this with sense of awe to highlight its importance in the face of climate change and our destructive tendencies.

Water.Shapes.Earth is a visual essay examining the evolution of Earth’s waterways.

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Salt Marsh, Venice, Italy

Aerial Photograph of an Estuary

Glacial river estuary, Iceland

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Salt marsh, Spain

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Abandoned pond used for storing radioactive industrial waste, Spain

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Tidal streams, Spain

About the Project

Long long time ago the whole Earth was covered with water, water flows, shapes its way, and passes off, influencing our life. Starting from melting glaciers, water searching his way to find a sea. Through the rocky mountains, muddy marshes and the dry areas rivers finish their ways in beautiful estuaries.
The aerial point of view reveals the real character of landscapes. Coastal plains and tidal areas become masterpieces in abstraction, often unknown to those who only see them from usual perspective. In the lagoons we can see beaufiful shapes made by flow, and in the same time we can observe how water influencing agriculture, industry, tourism, architecture, natural habitats of animals and our lives in general.
If we don’t act responsibly, one day water will disappear, and we will see only the traces of it.
This is what the WATER.SHAPES.EARTH is about. It is art of the water shaped planet.

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Tidal streams, Venice, Italy

Environment Photography

Depleted natural salt lake, Lake Mirzaladi, Azerbaijan

Award-winning aerial photographer Milan Radisics captures each landscape with stunning, abstract detail.

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Mud volcano, Azerbaijan

Aerial Landscape Photography

Dam holding back toxic waste from aluminium production, Spain

Water.Shapes.Earth Aerial Photography

Affall River Estuary in Iceland

Water.Shapes.Earth Aerial Photography

Glacial river veins in Iceland

Aerial Landscape Photography

Sand formations, Cadiz Bay, Spain

Aerial Photo of a Waterway

Tidal area of the Rio Tinto, Spain

Dry River Bed - Environmental Photography

Traces of a dried-out river, Spain

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