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The phenomenon of Internet virality is relatively new, and disruptive to the art world. Where we once deferred to art critics, traditional galleries, museum curators, and high-profile collectors to discover and appreciate “good” art, now the wisdom of the crowd has a powerful loudspeaker. And we’re listening.

New art that rises to prominence on social media is striking, innovative, often controversial, thought-provoking, and beautiful. We believe these are the key traits of any compelling artwork, and the internet democratizes this discovery process extremely efficiently. The web is a time capsule for art that captures public sentiment instantaneously and globally. Never has there been a time in history where artists can post and share original works of art as rapidly, with as much influence, as we can today. On a busy day, Paris’s Louvre receives about 30,000 visitors; the artwork we feature can receive 30,000 viewers in a matter of minutes and up to 1 million per day at their viral peaks. Our prints are guaranteed to start conversation in homes that echoes their online popularity.
We keep our finger on the pulse of artwork shared across the largest social media sites to source artwork that speaks to people in a meaningful way all over the world. Our artists come from all walks of life – many are established professional artists, some are very talented and passionate hobbyists, and others are just now emerging professionally.  With each “viral” piece comes a story – why the piece went viral, what conversations (often contentious) it prompted, how it was created, and where in the world the image has resonated most powerfully. We work closely with our artists to capture these stories and their contexts, and then produce museum-quality fine art prints of their work.

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