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Viral Magazine is a social news and entertainment community dedicated to connecting audiences with the content they love to consume.

crazyhippo delivers captivating and engaging entertainment, videos, and news that incites social conversations.

It’s a place to stay up to date with trending content across a growing array of topics.


We think user experience comes first. At crazyhippo, we are a community and we take pride in the fact that you belong to that community. It’s a place to laugh. It’s a place to inspire. It’s a place to share your best, most creative ideas. It’s a place where you belong. Who we are is because of what you’ve done.


crazyhippo maintains relationships with a network of online publishers representing diverse audience segments across the globe. Our internal team of content and social strategists work collaboratively with these publishers to deliver engaging, meaningful and on-brand content to their online audiences.

The phenomenon of Internet virality is relatively new, and disruptive to the art world. Where we once deferred to art critics, traditional galleries, museum curators, and high-profile collectors to discover and appreciate “good” art, now the wisdom of the crowd has a powerful loudspeaker. And we’re listening.

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