Agne Kucerenkaite repurposes “valueless” metal waste to create colourful ceramic glazes

Lithuanian designer Agne Kucerenkaite revals the value of industrial metal waste in her project Ignorance is Bliss, which sees the material used to make colorful ceramics.
Agne Kucerenkaite enjoy working with raw materials, transforming them into valuable products and systems, seeking interaction between design, society, industry and enviroment. Her design process is characterized by in depth research, exprimental approach and hands -on practice, motivated by historical and sociocultural contexts. Technical investigation of seemingly unattractive and industrially driven process that she find  to be the most interesting source of unexpected links and associations, drive her deising work.

About the project – Ignorance Is Bliss

The era of the Industrial Revolution was a time in which possibilites of what man could produce seemed limitless. No thought was ginvento the potential side effect of industry, indeed no knowledge of them existed at the time. As a result, many heavy metals were allowed to pollute vast areas near production sites.
In an effort to find some potential use for this polluted by product, Agne collected soil from six different locations. These included samples from a zinc factory in Bidel, a soil remediation company in Weert, and wase from companies which clean drinking water.
She then exprimented with various techniques to use this waste product in a tranformative manner. Metals have colouring properties when applied on certain materials. Agne mixed the waste with prclain clay, glaze, glass and textiles. One result is a set of timeless tableware, she created with this material.
One would not choose to create pollution in our current era, but as a practical matter, there is an abundance of waste material available for experimentation at no or little cost. Ironically, the material with the higest levels of contamination may provide the most benefit for this kind of explration. Toxic materials after firing in a high temperature are captured in glazeand glass and become safe to use.
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These Pieces will hopefully a thread connecting past abuse with current reuse, and future awareness.
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