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Amok Island Paints Modern Minimalist Murals of Native Flora and Fauna
A native of The Netherlands and now based in Australia, Amok Island depicts flora and fauna that can be found in the locations of his colorful murals. The artist’s distinctive minimal style is reminiscent of recent trends in digital design. However, his analog use of flat fields of color and geometric shapes... Read more
You Can Construct Your Own Sculptures With Special Clay That Bakes in the Oven
New Baby Penguin hatchlings! 🐧 Recent work in progress, ready to be painted^^ Oh and tomorrow I will be sharing my early artwork in My Story! #ramalama #ramalamacreatures #handmade #polymer #clay #polymerclay #babypenguin #penguin #sculpture #miniature #kawaii #fimoclay #fimo #etsy #figurine A post shared by RamaLamaCreatures (@ramalamacreatures) on Nov... Read more
Artist Paints Imaginary Ecosystems Bursting With Colorful Flora and Fauna
Portland-based artist Yellena James creates kaleidoscopic, biomorphic artworks that resemble colorful ecosystems, filled with imaginary flora and fauna. With an aim to illustrate places that are “hypnotically familiar and yet hauntingly exotic,” James’ most recent ethereal universes explore delicate organic forms and textural terrains. Rendered in her distinct, vibrant color palette... Read more
Artist Spends Hundreds of Hours Creating Portraits Entirely Out of Hand-Written Text
Sonora-based artist Phil Vance creates incredible typographyportraits rendered entirely in hand-written text. Drawn to pattern, texture, and color, the artist describes his process as “cross hatching but with words.” From Einstein to Mark Twain, each portrait from the In Their Own Words series pays tribute to Vance’s favorite historical and artistic figures. To... Read more
Expressive Paintings of Native Americans in Authentic Dress
Artist Jeremy Winborg is known for his expressive paintings that pair palette knife backdrops with lifelike subjects. Rendered in a distinctive style, these energetic portrayals feature iconography that ranges from local landscapes to religious figures. In addition to reimagining these regularly revisited themes, Winborg has recently turned his attention toward creating eye-catching... Read more
Elin Thomas creates petri dishes filled with mold, but she’s not using any week-old peanut butter sandwiches. The fiber artist builds her science experiments using a felted wool base, and then carefully crafts individual growths using crochet and embroidery techniques. Most of her creations are set in authentic 8cm borosilicate glass... Read more
Dave Pollot (previously) is a US painter who brings new life to old and forgotten art. He buys thrift store paintings and perfectly “enhances” them with pop culture symbols, giving a cool, nerdy spin to what’s dusting away inside cracked frames. “Most are prints or lithographs,” he told Bored Panda. “Any... Read more
For the last twenty years Australia-based artist Shona Wilson has intimately collaborated with nature by building sculptural assemblages that incorporate a myriad of found organic specimens. In her 2016 body of work, Offering, she formed mandala-like pieces from objects such as seedpods, twigs, and bones that were intended as gestures of gratitude to her practice’s source—nature.
“I hope these Offerings resonate as healing or therapeutic objects in their own right,” Wilson explained in the press release for her solo exhibition at Arthouse Gallery in New South Wales, Australia. More
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Sculptor Johnson Tsang (previously) continues to push realism’s boundaries in his sculptures of faces that are stretched and opened up in surreal ways. In his latest series, Open Mind, Tsang incorporates hand gestures and metaphorical materials like growing leaves and rippling water to convey a sense of open-mindedness in his sculptures.
The artist shares with Colossal that he has always been creative, but due to an impoverished upbringing and poor grades in school, he initially focused on trade work, including as an air conditioning assistant and a potato chip fryer. More
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In a pair of teaser videos for singer Stevanna Jackson, animator Romane Granger (previously) uses carefully modeled clay to suggest the complex ecosystem of life on the ocean’s floor. In Ocean Blues #1 and #2, the coils and folds of clay shift in tune with Jackson’s music as waves, flower-like designs and human characters emerge from the sea. Granger is an animation student at L’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. More
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