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The Step-by-Step Process for Making Truly Homemade Kimchi Set to a Calming Soundtrack

Vlogger Li Ziqi who very gracefully demonstrated the traditional Chinese art of making paper from scratch, shared her step-by-step process for truly homemade kimchi, starting with a trip to the garden for some fresh cabbage. After soaking and salting the leaves, Li whipped up the spicy sour marinade, mixed the two together in a beautiful…

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This Full-Body Sculpting Workout Will Leave You Sore in All the Right Places

You do not need equipment for this full-body toning workout from Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness – just a bottle of water because you will want to take some water breaks between sets. Find more of Katie on her website, Love Sweat Fitness. Now, press play and get at it!

Wardrobe credit: On Katie: MPG Sport outfit; on Anna: Park Projects top and K-Deer tights; on Dre: Athleta top and Flexi Lexi tights; APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) Shoes; Manduka Mats; and water bottle

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Nobody ever says that parenthood is a piece of cake, and that’s for good reason. Raising a child is a tough job, and the stickiest element is hands-down how to discipline a child. There’s nothing fun about having to rein in a disobedient kid, and the situation can be made even tougher if it’s a recurring problem (and seriously, isn’t it always a recurring problem?!). However, even when your child is acting tyrannical, there are some hard and fast rules that you have to abide by as the adult. They’re not always easy to follow, but you’re going to see more positive outcomes if you stick to these basics.

  1. Start by being calm. Nothing good will come out of the situation if you are in a heightened state of agitation. Walk away for a few minutes if you must, but find a way to calm down before addressing your child’s misbehavior. Try to take a few deep breaths and not try to discipline in anger so all your child remembers is how upset you were.
  2. Discipline privately. This one is super important to remember but parents forget how uneasy it can feel to be criticized in front of an audience. If you’d rather not discuss your own mistakes and repercussions in a group setting, allow for the same consideration towards your child. Kids tend to be more apt to listen when they aren’t feeling defensive or embarrassed in front of others.
  3. Be kind. As impossible as it may seem to want to parent from a place of love when your child has smeared your brand new Fenty Beauty lipstick all over the carpet, don’t forget the bigger picture. You are allowed to be upset with your child’s disobedience or unruly behavior, but you should still be their nurturer and discipline with patience and gentleness. Use encouragement and not harsh criticisms to deter bad behavior.
  4. Stay consistent. Know beforehand what the rules are. If you’re not sticking to a consistent message of when or how disciplinary actions are taken, your child can be left feeling bewildered. Make sure you are communicating clearly with your child and then staying the course when it is time to follow through. Also, avoid empty threats and be consistent with the consequences that will take place if a rule gets broken.
  5. Don’t use physical punishments. There are numerous reasons not to implement corporal punishment when disciplining your child but the most important one is simply that it’s ineffective. Not only does physically punishing a child not bring forth positive change in the child’s behavior, but in most instances, it can cause detrimental effects. Plus, it teaches the child that hurting someone physically is okay as long as you think they deserve it.
  1. Pick and choose your battles. Be considerate and allow for small rule breaks or grievances to go unchallenged. No one enjoys someone nitpicking at their every fault and neither will your child. Allowing yourself to overlook or dismiss certain actions lets your child know that they aren’t being subjected to impossible standards.
  2. Allow your child some alone time to reflect. Make sure you give your child some alone time to think over about what they’ve done and come to a conclusion on their own. This sets forth a great practice of mindful redirection and helps your child learn from their mistake. This isn’t the same thing as a time-out because this time alone isn’t being used as a form of isolated punishment, but instead for meaningful reflection.
  3. Be forthcoming about your expectations. Your child is not a mind reader, so make sure you are setting forth clear boundaries and rules that are easily communicated to your child. Disciplining your child should become easier once your expectations are communicated in a easy-to-comprehend manner. If possible, discuss what behaviors are unacceptable and what the consequences will be if the rules aren’t followed.
  4. Make sure your rules are age-appropriate. Even a year makes a huge difference in the life of a smaller child, so don’t set expectations and rules based on a friend’s 5-year-old child when disciplining your own 3-year-old. Be certain that what you’re expecting from your child is developmentally possible at their age and then keep in mind that every child is different.
  5. Let your child try again. Sometimes it can be very effective to gently nudge your child off a bad path by simply allowing them the opportunity for a do-over. This is an empowering tool for children’s self-respect to be able to set their course straight again without a lot of interference from you. You can assist by offering suggestions such as, “How can we say this again without yelling?”
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If your breakup starter kit includes girl-powered anthems, ice cream, and wine, then you’re definitely on the right track. But I can tell you from experience that there is a right and wrong way to get over a relationship. Unfortunately, the most effective remedy for heartbreak (other than a really bad romantic comedy) is nothing other than time. There are, however, things you can do along the way to become even stronger at the end of the healing process.

Don’t: Resort to destructive behavior (drugs, binge-drinking, etc.), hook up with people out of spite, talk down to yourself, avoid your emotions, or shut yourself off from others.

All of the above might serve as Band-Aids in the moment, but you’ll probably end up feeling even worse when you look back. Whatever your vice is, ask yourself what’s motivating that kind of behavior. If you’re choosing to be reckless for the sake of easing the pain, consider more constructive alternatives.

Do: Stay off of social media, show yourself love and compassion, focus on doing things you love, discover a healthy outlet, and spend time with loved ones.

It may not seem like it now, but being single has its perks. As soon as you’re done crying it out like there’s no tomorrow – go ahead, it’s amazingly cathartic – make a list of everything you weren’t able to do when you were in a relationship. Guess what? Now you can! There’s no better feeling than reclaiming your personal freedom. Take advantage of this period to devote all the time and energy you once spent on a significant other on yourself. The more you focus on doing more of what brings you joy, the easier it will be to get over the breakup.

To help shape what exactly that is for you, try asking yourself these seven questions.

  1. What do you regret most from being in your past relationship?
  2. What’s something your single friends have that you’d love to have too?
  3. What do you wish you could do more and less of?
  4. What recent activity has made you feel exhilarated?
  5. If you didn’t have to work, what would you want to focus your time on?
  6. What about singledom excites you most?
  7. What’s something you want to cross off of your list this year?

Let your responses guide you through your newfound single life. How you choose to make the most of it is up to you!

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Signs You Need a Mental Break

With deadlines to meet, errands to run, a baby shower to attend, and a week of meals to prep, your life is based on responsibilities — and your level of stress is high because you always meet your deadlines. After all, you’re an adult who can function under all types of pressure. And who can blame you for …

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Coca-Cola Korean Beef Tacos

Coca-Cola Korean Beef Tacos

Dining September 25, 2017 0

This is our own Coca-Cola-spiked riff off a hot street food trend. Korean tacos combine two cultures in one tortilla and taste deliciously savory, sweet and slightly pungent, all at once. Though the eight cloves of garlic the recipe calls for might sound excessive, trust us. You’ll like the way it turns out. And the fish …

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Coca-Cola Fudge

Coca-Cola Fudge

Dining September 17, 2017 0

Because we can… Coca-Cola Fudge! A decadently sweet and delicious Coca-Cola fudge to be exact! This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit. The great thing about this recipe is it’s made in a 9×13 baking dish so you’re going to have a TON of fudge! Ingredients 1 container (7 oz) marshmallow cream 1 …

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Coke Ketchup & Chili

Coke Ketchup & Chili

Dining September 17, 2017 0

If you’re looking for a easy to throw together meal, try this chili! Add all your ingredients to your pot and cook. No mess. No fuss. CHILI 500g ground beef ½ onion, diced 1 Tablespoon smoked paprika 1 Tablespoon cumin 1 Teaspoon coriander 1 Tablespoon salt 1 Tablespoon onion powder 1 Teaspoon Tabasco sauce 24 …

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Lemony Honey-Glazed Pork Chops

Simpler than these incredible pork chops you won’t easily find! Whilst editing the photos for this post I started salivating thinking about the sticky, sweet meat flavoured with soy, ginger and a hint of chilli 3 Cups Diet Coke with Lemon® 4 (about 1 3/4 pounds) pork chops, bone-in, cut to 3/4″ thickness, about 7 …

The post Lemony Honey-Glazed Pork Chops appeared first on InspireWomenSA.

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