“Circles” celebrates our individuality and connectedness through music


“Circles” celebrates our individuality and connectedness through music, dance, and Levi’s®. When we come together, we dance in circles. We move as one, and celebrate the individual who takes the center. Unity and individuality come alive. Let’s live how we dance. Let’s #LiveInLevis

Levi’s launched a new spot from agency FCB West celebrating diversity through a well-choreographed look at different cultures.

The brand shared in a blog post that its “core beliefs are rooted in empathy and courage.” The brand’s new “Circle” ads summarizes its message, “We are all connected. We are more alike than different. And our differences only make us stronger.”

The spot initially delivers that message implicitly, through the power of dance across a variety of cultures. Set to “Makeba” by French artist Jain, the spot opens on a turntable. Various groups of people across the world begin to dance, with each group forming a circle of dancers. Of course, everyone is sporting a Levi’s product of some sort, tying the brand to the theme of universality.

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