Detailed Portraits of Animals Combine Intricate Layers and Decorative Flourishes

Patrick Cabral is a freelance Art – director basied in Manila, Philippines. The newest series by Patrick Cabral features three white animals detailed with elements for black and gold. A Pink nose serves as a stylistic outlier for a whiskered tiger, while the long and narrow trunk of Cabral’s elephant is completed with a dazzling linear adornment in gold. The animal’s design is similar to a previous elephant iteration cabral created our of paper in 2017. However, the newer piece’s radial patterns on its forehead and symmetrical ears provide a distinct contrast in composition. To support their more permanent display, the artist used MDF to form each intricate layer.
These works, in addition to a quetzal with wide spread wings, were commisioned by Starbucks for a new Reserve location in Manilla, Philippines. You can learn more about how these sculptures came to frution on Instagram | Website

@origamidreamer applying final touches on one of the recent piece we made for @starbucksph . We are back to production after New Year. .

First of 3 animal sculpture that I made for @starbucksph . Each animals represent the regions where they harvest coffee beans. This is a 110cm x 110cm x 20cm Sumatran Tiger. This is probably the hardest project we ever produced to date. And by "we" I mean @origamidreamer and I. For almost 2 months we have been laboring on the details. There are layers that took 7 hours to prime. And a couple of 7 hours more to apply the actual paint. For a couple of months we accepted our fate which is a never ending loop of painting, sanding and airbrushing. It's like living in the Groundhog day. Our patience, mental and physical strength was really tested on this project but we knew that it will all be worth it in the end. And true enough, once we successfully hang it on the wall, all we are left is pride on what we had accomplished. We are not really ready for this project. We don't even have a big space to work on these pieces. There was a time that I really miss being in the province because there all we have is space :) We had to move the production to my in-laws garage 2 weeks before the deadline because we need space to airbrush the gold layers. I feel like we get tested more when we had big projects. There's a lot of unexpected surprises. Like that time when a day before the deadline, the bank accidentally debited a big amount of money on my account, right when I needed extra cash the most, the universe decided to throw a curve ball :) I was just thinking that I wouldn't let it bother me because I don't want to work angry because that could lead to more disaster. As the good book says, accept the things that you cannot change :) I think this experience makes us better artist. My wife is really learning how to work... like really, really work and I am starting to let people in and accept that I can't go on doing things on my own. I think we came out better after this project and we are excited to work on even bigger pieces. The goal is to produce pieces made of real gold next year. So if you have a spare gold bars lying around, please hit me up :) You can check out this artwork at Starbucks Reserve SM North Towers

2nd of 3 animal I made for @starbucksph . Each animal represent the country where @starbucks grow their coffee. This one is a quetzal which represents Guatemala. Much of the stress on this went to finding the right shade of gold/brass. We hoarded a bunch of it and so far the best one we acquired was the Vallejo Metal Color. I remember we spent the entire All Soul's day visiting all the branch of this local hobby shop just to see if they had it on stock. We only managed to acquire 10 32ml bottles. It 's super tiny and I was so afraid that it would not be enough to paint the gold layers of the 3 sculptures. I was wrong though be use I only used around 5 bottles in the end. Another of my worry is how we are going to hang it on the wall. The heaviest of the sculpture that I made was only around 20kg. The tiger is already 30kg. Even in my dreams I was haunted by a mom nursing a baby and the artwork falling on the baby. I know I am crazy, but this is the level of how I get stressed on every details. It doesn't just have to look pretty, but it has to be really durable and safe. What I ended up using was a TV bracket that has a 60kg. capacity. I was also praying for my younger brother who is and engineer to come home early from his work abroad so he can help me mount these on the wall. He arrived from Korea 2 days before the delivery date and he even helped me stick the layers together. My brother Ian is the only person aside from @origamidreamer that I really trust in this world. We had built at least 2 bamboo huts when we were younger. We were partners in crime. He is my number 1 fan before Camy. He try to emulate what I do and some case even bested me. He is great at his job. He is the guy that you would want on your team when you get ship-wrecked on an island. He literally is the best. I was comforted when we came home because I knew that mounting these artworks on the wall would be really hard. And true enough, hanging the artworks was very challenging. I know it's quite scary because there are a lot of unknowns on this project. I am gratwful that there are people who help me. You can check out the artwork at @starbucksreserve SM North Towers

Last of the 3 artworks I made for @starbucksph . This is 110cmx150cm Kenyan Elephant. Each animals represent the region where @starbucks grow their beans. This collaboration is a dream come true for me. A decade ago I decided to be a fulltime freelancer. I just transferred to a new condo and for the first time I didn't have to share a space with multiple families. What I didn't anticipate that it would take me a long time to get an internet connection. I would upload files on some internet cafe but if I had to do video calls with my clients abroad, I would often do it at Starbucks 6750. They also had the fastest internet there so it's the best place to download large files. I remember they used to promote emerging artist's work in their walls. I remember hoping that some day I get to post some of my works there... fast forward to 10 years, Starbucks Asia Pacific actually commissioned me to make an artwork for them. I guess that's really how it goes. Sometimes some dreams takes 10 years to fulfill. I am glad that @starbucks gave me this opportunity. It's really hard to find clients for the work that I do. Most art collectors prefer oil painting than something that hasn't proven to sell for million of dollars yet. To a lot of people it's just an investment, which makes it really amazing that the team at Starbucks, specially my project manager @_jsychan are really supportive of my vision, to let me make something that is truly mine and not something that is approved by a committee. I hope I get to work on more projects like this and may this project lead me to more soul-mates who would support me (morally and mostly financially :)) to realize my vision. Here's to fulfilling more dreams! See this IRL at SM North Towers Starbucks Reserve. p.s. Thanks @anjolapreski for this awesome 📸 . These are waay better than the ones I took :)

Full extent of the wall of my artworks at @starbucksreserve SM North Towers commissioned by @starbucksph . I worked with the Starbucks Asia Pacific team in Hong Kong on this project. I was quite nervous when they first got in touch with me because I was scared of the horrors of shipping huge artwork abroad, what more if it's 3 huge art pieces. I didn't really ask where it would be located at first because I wasn't even sure if it's going to push through because I already had around 3 project which has almost the same specification as this project that failed to materialize, one is even for a huge fashion house which until now I am still hoping to push through :) . I felt a little confident when they sent me the blueprint and I saw that it's going to be in a new branch of Starbucks Reserve here in Manila. I think a lot of people assume that it's so easy for my projects to get funded now because it is being featured on a lot places. A lot of people doesn't even know that I am based in Manila, where you don't really have a lot of resources for projects like this. I have talked to a lot of recognized local designers this year and it seems that everyone always have to improvise in order for them to achieve their goals. We don't really have access to a lot of high end equipments here and a lot still has to do manual labor for something that can be easily achieved by technology. Sometimes it can get really frustrating because we are all equal citizens of the world, and only few has an access to best tools that the world can offer. Every time I do projects like this, I always aim to over-deliver, because I am not sure if there's going to be another project like this, and if this is going to be the last, may this be the best that I can ever create, regardless of my circumstances.

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