Dinosaur Era Shark With Snake-Like Body Discovered By Scientists

Scientists have recently discovered a shark from the Dinosaur era with 300 teeth at the Algarve coast . Scientists believed it to be a living fossil with a body like a snake but the jaws of a terrifying sea predator. The discovery was made by researchers who were working on a European Union project in the area as reported by theBBC.
The research was originally meant to minimize unwanted catches in commercial fishing,” the researchers told SIC Noticisas TV. However, unknowingly scientists unearthed one of the most ancient animals to have lived on the surface of this planet. The existence of this sea predator dates back to 80 million years.
Dinosaur era shark with snake-like body discovered by scientists साठी इमेज परिणाम
According to the scientists, the species is said to have remained unevolved since the Cretaceous Period, when the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops roamed the planet. The scientists named the Shark “Chlamydoselachus anguineus”. The Shark is said to get its name from the frilled arrangement of its 300 teeth. According to the Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere, the male fish measured 1.5 meters in length and was captured at a depth of 701 meters.
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Professor Margarida Castro of the University of the Algarve told Sic Noticias that the shark has 300 teeth, “which allows it to trap squid, fish and other sharks in sudden lunges”. Scientists on the other hand are still unable to understand the reason behind the survival of this species when other prehistoric creatures have become completely extinct.
Scientists however believe that 90 per cent of the world’s deep waters still remain unexplored. It has also been speculated that the frilled shark influenced 19th century sailors stories of sea serpents.
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