Gansu Dingle noodle school teach people art of noodle making

Lanzhou, a city in northwestern china, is well known for its beef noodle soup… and the shops serving them. In order to keep those shops well stocked with chefs who can produce perfect hand – pulled noodles at a fast pace, the Gansu Dingle noodle school offers training to people from all walks of life in the art of noodle making. This short film by Jia Li profiles a group of students at the school as the learn their new trade.

The School in China That Teaches Students How To Hand-Pull Noodles

Welcome to Lanzhou, a city in northwest China that’s famous for its beef noodle soup. In this short documentary, we meet some of the students who flock there to learn the secrets of hand-pulling Lanzhou lamian.

For Vice’s Munchies series, Clarissa Wei traveled to Lanzhou to visit another noodle school there and found out just how difficult it is to learn noodle – making.
Noodle school holds classes three times a day, seven days a week. You stand there with your classmates and pull dough, at least 100 times a day. Students aren’t given recipes; the secret to success lies in rote repetition. There are three different course lengths:  15 days, 30 days, and 40 days.
Tuition includes housing and food. Most people are Chinese nationals, though Li says that in recent years an influx of foreigners have come in pursuit of the perfect noodle. The school also teaches soup basics, pickling, and beef stewing techniques.
“We’ ll have over 20 different types of herbs in the broth,” he says. ” And our flour is custom made and imported in form Henan. They have different levels of elasticity depending on what we request.”

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