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Gasp! So there I was, wandering through the San Francisco airport when I was stopped in my tracks by this colorful, glittering masterpiece! This is the work of San Francisco based artist Leah Rosenberg, and I can tell you, this post does not even close to do it justice. Here are Leah’s words about this fantastic, color-coded project:

EVERYWHERE A COLOR // San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco’s distinctive physical and cultural landscape is filled with color inspiration. From the fog to the famous International Orange of the Golden Gate Bridge to the bunches of kale at the Ferry Building’s farmer’s market, these details create a palette that captures the unique character of San Francisco. For this installation, Everywhere, a Color, at San Francisco International Airport’s International Terminal Gate G, I created a colorful portrait of the City that I hope will connect everyone from everywhere … In creating this portrait (or other kind of map) of San Francisco, I became a tourist as I “gathered” colors encountered during various outings and also asking others who live here what colors stand out to them. I am interested in tapping into our various senses, while also conjuring memory and the importance of togetherness so that I am not just gathering color; but gathering the psyche of what brings color to the lives of people.


So beautiful on so many levels! And because I love a good color-coding system {who doesn’t, right}, I’ve included my quick and slightly distorted iPhone photo of Leah’s chart:

‘Rainbow Crosswalk in the Castro’, shimmering ‘Blue Skies Across the Bay’, and, yes, ‘The Bay Lights’ … my glittery favorite.

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