Liquid Brands – High Speed Liquid Photo Series

Liquid Brands is a high speed liquid photo series, which combines many creative fields in one. This series uses logos of several popular companies with a creative approach to create a unique brand experience by using liquids. The logo shapes were created out of wood with a laser cutter and were attached to a multifunction tool, which allowed them to spin the logos with a controllable speed. For the pictures they trickled some paint on the logos and started to rotate them. Behind this creation, we find photographer Manuel Mittelpunkt and designer Matthias Grund.

 Matthias Grund.
spotify-900x674 pepsi-900x674 mercedes-900x674 nike-900x674 mcdonalds-900x674 lv-900x674 lufthansa-900x674 google-900x674 facebo
ok-900x674 disney-900x674 chanel-900x674 apple-900x674 airbnb-900x674 0twitter-900x674

Photographs by manuel mittelpunkt



Anil Patil
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