Model Moostapha Saidi Questions the Audience’s Gaze with Highly Stylized Portraits Shot by Justin Dingwall

An eye for the unusual, a passion to explore avenues less travelled, and the desire to create images that resonate with emotion, are what drives this South African photographer. Justin Dingwall is a succesful commercial photographer and contemporary artist. Having exhibited both locally and internationally.
“I do what I do for the love of new experiences. My imagery is not bound by language or culture. I want my work to speack for itself and for people to interpret it in their own way. I want people to be affected by my images… As long as someone is felling somthing, I am achieving my goals” Explain Justin Dingwall.

Recently Justin Collaborated with South African model Mootapha Saidi on series of images that speak to themes of perspective and of perception. ” A seat at the Table ” was informed by Saidi’s experiences living with the skin condition vitiligo, in addition to conversations between the photograher and model. Taken at face value, the images showcase a man with missing skin pigment, but as the South Africa based photographer explained, the ideas and symbolism are more than skin deep.
Brightly colored and stark white sets contrast Moostapha’s dual toned skin in each of the images. Justin uses precious stones and googly eyes as a commentary on the way that Moostapha is objectified by stranges who stare, point and see him as an other because of the way he looks. ” I worked with the old saying ‘a seat at the table’ to represent the idea of an opportunity to be heard, to be seen, to have a voice and an opinion, and is this way to make a difference,” he explains. ” The images that I have created with Moostapha aim to start conversations about preconceived ideas and perceptions based on appearance, and how what we see affect what we think.”

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