Mountain scenery in Werfen, Austria

Situated between two massive subranges of the Alps, Werfen seems to be watched over by giants. It is an easy day trip from Salzburg, Austria, so many visitors come here to make their way up those mountainsides. Some ascend a cliff 2,000 feet or so above the town to the magnificent medieval rock fortress, Hohenwerfen Castle. Others travel further, climbing to over 5,000 feet in elevation where they enter the Eisriesenwelt (World of the Ice Giants), the world’s largest ice caves open to the public.

It is no surprise that the town’s setting has lured film producers: ‘Where Eagles Dare‘ used Hohenwerfen Castle to dramatic effect, while Julie Andrews and her ‘The Sound of Music‘ brood sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’ with Werfen’s hillsides as their backdrop


Castle Hohenwerfen by Salzburg high over clouds on a misty mountain in the Alps

Hallstatt, Austria, Bergsee, Lake, Alpine, Summer

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