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omg ranveer singh got slap 24 times!

Popular actor Ranveer Singh was slapped 24 times by a veteran actor.

Prominent actor Ranveer Singh is all set to capture millions of hearts with his blazing charm in the upcoming movie ‘ Padmavati’. But you will definitely be stumbled to hear this shocking revelation.

Stories of Sanjay Bhansali being a stickler for perfection are quite common in the industry circle. The filmmaker’s blue eyed boy Ranveer Singh had to bear the brunt of his attention to details and ending up getting slapped 24 times in the process.

Showstoppin' 🙏🏽❤️

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Ranveer was slapped by Raza Murad who is the playing the role of Jalaluddin Khilji and he was supposed to slap Ranveer in a shot. But things didn’t happen the way they were supposed to be. Sanjay bhansali wants everything the perfect way around.

The shot was retaken, almost 24 times to be precise and by the end of it , Ranveer was left with a red face.

Is it Friday yet?

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Magnum Opus

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Ranveer is going the extra mile to play his first out and out negative character.

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