Pixel perfect photos of Paige Jimenez by Moisnomois

Her name is Paige Jimenez, she’s a model/actress from Hawaii, and she just recently took a big step in her life, by moving to Los Angeles! We have a few mutual model friends who I shot with, and we were always trying to shoot when she was in L.A., but you know how it is when you’re not permanent 🙂

 But as soon as she moved here, we shot once, bonded really well, and so we reunited for Pixel Perfect!  It got warm in L.A. again, so we took advantage and shot something sunny and bright in the studio. My vision was, per usual, something sexy, but not vulgar and, as always, clean. Two photos from this set are my favorite of all I’ve ever shot. Guess which ones 😉

_IMG_0232WEB (Custom)
_IMG_0447WEB (Custom)
_IMG_0488WEB (Custom)
_IMG_0539WEB (Custom)
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