The Amazing Princess – Nitocris – Story or Revenge

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Nitocris  as last pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt.  She was also known as Nitiqret and Nitokris, Neterkare or Nitikrty. The meaning of her name was The soul of the Re is Divine. Much remains unknown about her since scholars were unable to find archaeological remains that could help us learn. She was get found in the writings of Herodotus and Manetho. Herodotus told very interesting story about Nitocris.

Nitocris is believed to have lived around the 22nd century BC, Her brother Merenre Nemtyemsaf II was killed by Egyptians. Nitocris took over the throne after her brothers death. She ruled some years and create massive architecture projects in Egypt. According Nanetho ThirPyramid of Giza built by her.

She also built up specious underground chamber with having different plans in   her mind. She kept inauguration of the  this chamber and invited all the kings for inauguration ceremony, who killed her brother. When the guest are bussy with drinking and eating she get escaped silently from the ceremony.

She had built up secret duct which can get adjoined when required, she closed all doors and redirected Nile river water in the chamber, all ringleader are get drown, she took her revenge.

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To avoid other conspirators and retribution, she committed suicide same day at evening by threw herself into a chamber full of ashes.

She has often been described as ” braver than all men of her time, the most beautiful of all women, fair skinned with red cheeks”. It’s also claimed by some that she was behind the construction of the third pyramid in Giza, but there is no proof of this.

Nitocris is claimed by some sources to have been a female pharaoh of ancient Egypt. However, prior to the Ptolemaic Dynasty, there were few female rulers in the history of ancient Egypt. Many of these women ruled only as regents for their underage sons.

The most famous of these early female rulers is arguably Hatsheput, a pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. Although she officially ruled jointly with her nephew and step – son, Thutmose III (who was still a child when he ascended the throne), Hatsheput, Nitocris is a much more mysterious figure. Apart from being mentioned by Herodotus and Manetho, there is little else at present that points towards her existence.

She was most remembered is Egyptian history as the bravest and most beautiful women of her time. No structures were commissioned by her and she is left unmentioned in many Egyptian records. Again, her reign is believed to have been short and it lasted less than three years.


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