The ANISO UNI is a Sundial with a Quartz Swiss Movement

ANISO is inspired by our fascination with time, space and moment in life. The unique time display let us look at the time from a new perspective, and lead us on a beautiful journey of creation. we believe the watch on your wrist is representing your story and feeling about time. So we dedicate UNI to those seeking a unique story when experiencing every single time and moments.
Aniso Uni watch has unique design of the particular angled minute hand mimics the gnomon, a part of a sundial to cast a shadow. The shadow cast by   minute hand adds a unique touch for experience a different time in every minute.
And to highlight this unique designed minute hand, the hour in a slightly subtle way. The hour plate with a 240 degrees opening again replicate the look of the sundial, and the sun and star graphic will be the shadow cast by a gnomon.
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