The Dreamlike Worlds in Evgenij Soloviev’s Surreal Photography

Whimsical manipulations by Evgenij Soloviev, talented self-taught photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and content creator from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Evgenij focuses on photo manipulation and digital art, he creates incredible dreamlike images. His artworks are about reality verging towards the impossible: gravity disappears, landscapes turn up-side-down, people and outer space collide. Evgenij says viewers may see loneliness or sadness in his works, but these feelings aren’t there. Instead, he insists that people must find themselves within his artworks, or extract their own narrative. The key is that the viewer must think, not just observe, because his artworks are equally physiologic as they are aesthetic.

Evgenij Soloviev draws inspirations from many, but mainly Robert Parke Harrison, Scott Mutter and Jerry Uelsmann.

More info: instagram / facebook / website

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