The magic of views on street portraits from India

The Polish photographer Magdalena Bagryanov lives in the capital of the Arab Emirate of Sharjah. At the same time, it does not care about the soul in Indian culture. Magdalena travels through India and photographs ordinary people nothing her beauty and originality.

The inexhaustible interest in life inherent in Magdalena opens up new corners of the world, revealing the striking originality of human faces. ” It is looking into the eyes of a person that we get a feeling of his character, his emotions,” notes Magdalena. “It’s a glance that allows us to establish a personal connection with him and understand : who he really is”

One of the art projects of the photo artist was embodied in India, giving us a luxurious series of colorful portraits made on the streets of this amazing country. In India, Magdalena spent several months exploring the culture and studying the national psychology of its inhabitants, so to speak, in their natural environment.

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 7

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 13

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 14

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 16

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 34

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 23

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 8

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 1

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 2

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 3

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 4

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 5

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 6

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 9

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 10

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 11

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 12

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 15

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 17

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 18

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 19

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 20

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 21

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 24

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 25

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 26

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 27

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 28

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 29

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 30

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 31

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 35

In the background of the portraits you can see lively streets and stray animals. But the emphasis is still on the face, first of all – on the amazing sincerity in the views. Magdalena manages to establish a magnetic connection between each of her characters and the viewer. This idea of interpersonal communication is the driving force behind her project.

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 32

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 33

Experiencing a long standing passion for Indian culture, the photo artist visited the country several times. She even visited Rajasthan, where she saw the highly popular Pushkar Fair the annual market of camels and other cattle.

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 36

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 37

ulichnye-portrety-iz-Indii-fotograf-Magdalena-Bagryanov 22

The exotic journey gave Magdalena a new impluse of inspiration and further deepened ties with India. The Purshkar Fair is usually attended by thousands of rural families, from camel traders to nomads. With many of them the photo artist was lucky to make friends.

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