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Marvelous Female Portrait Photography by Andre Nguyen

Amazing beauty and lifestyle portraits by Andre Nguyen (previously featured), 20-year-old burgeoning photographer who was born and grew up in Aliso Viejo with his parents and two younger brothers. By photographing awesome portraits of internet stars like Sierra Furtado, Lele Pons, Ray Diaz, Carrington Durham, Casimere Jollette, and Ashley Campbell, Andre gained a 149,000 followers on instagram. After graduating from Aliso Niguel High School, Nguyen went on to study at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he currently lives.

Some say that my camera is nearly an extension of my body. Personally, I believe they’re right. It all started over a decade ago when I found a shoebox filled with old family photos hidden deep within my attic. It was through these photos that I began to discover untold stories of my family’s history, secret loved ones, and a war torn past. I stepped away from this emotional, yet powerful experience with a sense of humbleness and strong interest to photograph the beauty in everyday life.

More info: instagram / facebook / website | Photogrist Photography Magazine.

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Gorgeous Travel Landscape Photography by Rebecca Simrose

Rebecca Simrose is a talented photographer and adventurer currently based in Calgary, Canada. “The Canadian Rockies are my backyard”, she says. Rebecca focuses on landscaping and traveling, she shoots amazing nature, mountainscapes, nightscapes and lifestyle photography. “I never feel so alive as when I am in the mountains”, Simrose explaines. “Travel has always been important to me too and I love seeing and exploring new places and cultures and returning to favourite places.” Rebecca has 69,600 followers on instagram. She uses Sony A7RII camera and Photoshop.

Photography for me is a love affair with the natural world. It is about capturing the emotion and the story of the sunrise, the calm reflections on a lake, the misty clouds, the snowy mountain summit. It is about inspiring people to love , explore and protect the wild wonderful wilderness places.

More info: instagram / website |Photogrist Photography Magazine.

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Aesthetic and Color Pop Architecture Photos by Tekla Evelina Severin

Tekla Evelina Severin is a multi-talented photographer, designer and interior architect based in Stockholm, Sweden. Evelina received her BA in interior architecture & furniture design from Konstfack University Collage of arts, crafts and design. She has also taken classes in culture geography at Uppsala University and the history of thought at Stockholm University. Her bold, poppy, colorful, architectural and geometric still lifes garnered a 71,400 followers on instagram. Severin has a particularly keen eye for color patterns, geometric shapes and defining shadows.

More info: instagram / website

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