This Animation Reveals What Goes Through A Guy’s Mind After Sex


Girls regarding the desire to hide in the rectum of the person you like. In other words, wanting to be together forever. Animation : Sawako Kabuki Music : Shinsuke Sugahara

Japanese illustrator and animation director Sawako Kabuki injects her signature quirkiness into this new music video for funk artiste Shinsuke Sugahara’s Master Blaster.The animation begins oddly enough—a redhead slids out through the butthole of a pink and neckless humanoid character before gripping onto its waist. This is but a prelude to more phallic innuendos and sex acts that populate the film’s scenes.

According to Kabuki, the animation is intended to convey “the desire to hide in the rectum of the person you like (in other words, wanting to be together forever).”

Watch Master Blaster below. Other similar previous features include this hysterical NSFW film that reveals what goes through a guy’s mind after sex, as well as this amusing innuendo-filled music video where literally everything is sexual.

If you’ve had enough of strange MVs, you can always check out this award-winning NSFW film that reveals an erotic rendezvous wittily told via the perspective of a photocopier.

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