Unique Finger Painting Style That Artist Discover By Accident

Iris Scott was born in 1984 to two hippies on a small farm near Seattle, WA. They named her after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
Iris has been featured in Forbes, Barron’s, Business Insider, USA Today, NowThis, CBS New York, and American Art Collector Magazine. Several galleries carry Iris’s originals, her collectors have included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Children’s Hospital, and Swedish Medical Centers. In contrast to much of the contemporary art scene scarcity model, Iris’ prints are intentionally accessible because she believes withholding affordable prints is not aligned with the collective conscious of art history’s future.
Iris tackled art by first teaching herself the rules of drawing realistically. She copied photos and paintings from an early age, learning the rules so that one day she could break them.
On Iris’ easel an oil painting of yellow flowers was just a few strokes away from finished, but all the brushes were dirty and needed cleaning before proceeding. Too eager to complete the painting in that moment, Iris simply took a few swipes at the canvas with oils squeezed right upon her fingertips. The thick paint went right on, texture was suddenly easier to control. Iris was thrilled to discover what she believed could be mastered, oil finger painting. The next day she hunted down surgical gloves…


Iris’ vibrant rainbow palette depicting a parallel, but familiar universe, emits an energetic optimism and a respect for the natural world. Using just gloved fingertips, Iris Scott works with paint like a malleable, nearly clay-like medium. Finger painting is becoming an entire art movement, as thousands of beginners worldwide are setting down their brushes in favor of this more tactile approach.
It all started back in 2009, when Iris Scott had to make some final adjustments to one of her paintings, but instead of washing the brushes she decided to do a quick fix with her finger. And that small moment steered her career into a whole different direction: “I knew within 10 strokes that finger painting with oils was what I would spend the rest of my life doing.

How she does it

Her unique touch is visible in every painting, also making it feel a bit more personal than the brushed paintings: “I search for color relationships, and intriguing forms. I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses.
It’s been three years since we covered Iris’ amazing finger paintings, and now we have the chance to see how she has mastered her skill.
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