Wednesday Tomorrow Bird

“You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.
If you have ever graced the streets of New Orleans on a Mardi Gras day, you know the magic is hard to let go of.
Music and colors oozing from every direction, the streets filled by masked faces with smiles bursting through. Everyone letting loose before the long 40 day retreat leading us to Easter.
For those that continue after the midnight curtain call, and into the wee morning hours of Ash Wednesday, a quiet, calm feeling of being cleansed with the city is a special moment, particularly to be enjoyed solo.
Wednesday Tomorrow Bird lingers with this feeling during her journey back across the Mississippi River after the most delightful day of the year.”

Photography and Words by Hunter Holder
Model is Diana
Styling by Christy Hebert

Shot in medium format on Kodak Porta 400


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