What does it mean to live a normal life and why it is good to be crazy in a sick society

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 Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti once said: “It is not enough any health, to adapt to this deeply sick society” . However, having been born and was brought up in such a society, the majority of people may not realize that they are sick. And even more difficult to accept that they are – part of the disease (such as fish, who, living in the water, do not realize that they are – part of marine life).

Being normal – it means to be sick.

What does it mean to live a normal life? In today’s world, especially in the West, it means to go brainwashed at a very young age for more than ten years, which we call the school to then almost all his life to work for wages, competing with others, to just exist, mindlessly and endlessly consume products, imposed by manipulative advertising, unconsciously harm the planet on which we live, and slowly poison your body with foods that generate disease, obey the rules, and to believe in the dogma approved by the powers that be passive and uncreative, infinitely suppressing yourself suffer, but nothing take to get rid of it.

If you have a moment to stop and think, you will realize that this way of life is absolutely unhealthy, although almost all of it is considered normal and socially encouraged. In fact, those of us who are more than doing well on the way, are seen as the most successful and respected. But there are other people who are more sensitive and intelligent wanting a different life. They make fun of and bullied, called fools, cranks, or even crazy.

But unless there is a sense to live as most people live? Life can live better – playing, laughing and loving, with a desire to create, to live in harmony with oneself and with others. Unfortunately, only a few people manage to think beyond the framework set by society and to break out of the matrix, which turned out to be from birth. This rebels who at some time felt the need to break free from the shackles of tradition. They help to create a better world for all.

Rebels against the normalcy

Rebel against the normal life – the most difficult thing that you can do. We need the courage to be honest with themselves and with others. The voice of truth in a world where almost everyone lives in lies, quite fraught. To tell the truth – means to go against tradition, that is to go against the herd mentality, and have the strength to continue their way, regardless of the difficulties that you may encounter.

Many people had the courage to rebel against the normal life of our sick society, but most of them were unable to cope with the negative consequences. When no one takes your uniqueness and does not understand you, when everyone is trying to crush you and help to return to the scope of society, easily evaporates courage, and often come huge psychological torment. Therefore, some of the greatest minds that ever walked the earth, suffered from serious mental and emotional problems. Many years after their death, they are recognized as geniuses, but life often be perceived as cranks or lunatics.

Once you understand how unhealthy lifestyle that you live and the majority of people, and openly’ll go in spite of an attempt to break free and create your own path, you will inevitably encounter the problem. People, including family members and friends, will do everything to create obstacles in your way, intending to “help” you become normal again. They will assist you in growing a wing of consciousness and getting rid of everything that burdens your psyche. But they will do anything to deprive you elated, then you will be able to crawl and to suffer with them.

What does it mean to live a normal life and why it is good to be crazy in a sick society

Do not be afraid to be crazy

The inner voice has long been telling you that you can live a life far more beautiful, and you should not trust him, because it is. Perhaps this is the most difficult thing to achieve, but it is only over what is working, because otherwise what’s the point to live? Is there any sense to spend all the time allotted to you only to have to do what others have to say?

If you want to live the way you want to, and not in accordance with other people’s expectations, it is necessary to collect all of his courage to be a little crazy – insane by the standards of society. Distance themselves from the crowd and follow your vocation without regard for the opinions of others. Be prepared to go through the hardships and experience pain, without abandoning the embodiment of their dreams into reality.

Remember: No matter how much grief you will experience, becoming the path of public expectations inconsistencies reward is worth it. Think of the test as the birth pangs of a new life. Life transfigured, beautiful and joyful. The pain goes hand in hand with change, so take it, let it lead you, and let it be a catalyst for your internal metamorphosis.

Author: Sofo of Archon

Illustration Andrey Andreev.

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